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Instagram has shaken the social media world. Just in 7 years after its initial launch, it gathered over 700 million active monthly users, while almost 250 million people scroll it every day. It is the fastest growth of the audience in the history of social media.

That’s why Instagram is so popular for digital marketing — properly executed advertising campaign gains sufficient return.

However, you have to create content for Instagram according to the rules, otherwise, your efforts will remain unseen. Here are some tips to help you rock the feed.

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Content Creation Rules

❄️Uniqueness. There are lots of photo stocks and some of them are even free, but they have a great disadvantage — those pictures are available to a wide audience. It means that your followers might have seen them before. Creating your own content is the best way of promoting your product. Even if your photo is not of the best quality — it is still better than a popular image that everybody has seen all around the web.

❄️The variety of formats. There are not only simple pictures you can post. Don’t ignore all the available tools that Instagram offers — carousel photo albums, collages, and stories. The more different types of content you use — the more interested your subscribers will be.

❄️Clear focus. The whole picture you post has to be understandable, clear and focused on a single element. Messy photos annoy the user’s eye, so they’ll just scroll your post down. You have to catch Instagrammers’ attention and make them somehow engage with your picture, so don’t let them be distracted by a bunch of details.

❄️Contrast. Users are scrolling the feed downward and all the pictures they see are more or less same. To catch the attention you have to make a picture that stands out of the row. Colours, shapes, fonts, light and exposure, scale — everything could be in handy.

❄️Short text. You can’t add a 500-word description to your photo — nobody will read it. Instagram is created for observing pics, not for reading, so make the text block as small as possible. A short joke, a one engaging phrase, a few inspiring words are enough.

❄️Proper hashtags. Users search for posts with hashtags, so the ones you use should describe your content completely and clearly. You also need to add your brand hashtag. Try not to make too many hashtags or “hide” it under “See more” button.

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