The Ultimate Business Tasks That You Can Assign To Virtual Assistants


What Are Virtual Assistants (VAs)?

Don’t let the virtual part fool you – virtual assistants are real people, but they essentially operate online.

As one company that offers virtual assistants put it, a virtual assistant can do everything a regular assistant can do as long as it doesn’t have to be done in person.

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A continually busy schedule is always a good reason to think about Virtual Assistant services Mostly, as a business owner, you have limited timeframe within which you need to manage your entire business. Sometimes, you may still find a lot of work lying pending at the end of the day. It is not about time management. All you need is a virtual assistant facility to offload some of your regular tasks that consume more time. If you are wondering which work you can assign to the VAs, here is the guide to provide the complete information regarding business tasks you can entrust to them.


Many times, you lose your valuable time in communication. Whether it is for replying emails or answering your phone calls, this time always goes unnoticed. All emails and calls are not so important. In anticipation of important calls, you have to attend every single communication and have to reply appropriately for maintaining good relationships.

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Assigning communication to virtual assistant may exempt more time for you. Important emails or phone calls are rare and your virtual assistant will keep a close eye on every message. Nine out of ten times, phone calls are not so important. But, you are not only interrupted in between but also lose your valuable time. VAs will filter all communication at their level and pass on the important messages to you. With their help, you will never miss significant emails and important calls. This saved time can be utilized for other strategic tasks relevant to your business.

Personal Management:

It can be truly daunting to maintain business as well as personal relationships along with a hectic schedule. You can’t remember every single task that you may have committed. It may happen that you make a commitment to the client and forget in the flow of work.

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To avoid such situations, you can hire a virtual assistant to manage your daily schedule but and set reminders for important tasks at the right time. Assigning the tasks like travel management, arranging appointments, reserving dinner table, sending gifts, managing calendar, and others can add value to your time management.

Social Media Management:

Social media is the most time-consuming aspect of your business management. Socializing through LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. may be very hectic. However, it is equally important to keep your brand actively engaged on the social media. You can’t neglect the power of social media.


Virtual assistant offers complete social media assistance to handle the entire social media engineering for your company. They understand your requirements. These assistants are efficient in profile creation, Facebook posting, Twitter monitoring, answering comments, creating hashtags and much more. You may save up your time by availing virtual assistant services for social media marketing.


Bookkeeping is the process of tracking expenses, creating invoices, making sure funds have been received or distributed, and managing bookkeeping software or a custom system. Bookkeeping typically does not involve tax preparation.

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If a business owner is making and spending money, they need to be tracking their finances. This is often a task that business owners don’t enjoy doing or put off, but is extremely important for the success and legality of a business!

A virtual assistant can create invoices, track payments and expenses, and generally stay on top of the money going in and coming out of a business.

Bookkeeping can get a little complicated, but most programs and processes are easy to learn. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the popular software then offer the service to your clients.

Booking Travel and Accommodations:

Booking travel and accommodations are the process of planning and booking your client’s trips. It may include finding a flight that meets their specifications, arranging transportation to and from the airport and hotel, booking hotel rooms and conference spaces, and finding tickets to entertainment events.

Many business owners spend a lot of time traveling. Instead of hiring a travel agent, they may decide to use a virtual assistant for their trip planning and booking. Tasks can include booking flights, hotel rooms, transportation including rental cars or subway passes, tickets to entertainment events, and reservations at restaurants.

Offering your assistance to plan and coordinate a large trip could be part of your ongoing retainer package or something special you offer at a one-time rate.

You must be extremely attentive to details when planning or booking travel and accommodations for your client. You do not want to strand your client in a foreign city or make their trip more stressful than it needs to be. Many things can go wrong with travel including weather issues or safety concerns, so a virtual assistant that offers this service needs to be available throughout the day and possibly nights and weekends.

Still, Need Help?

There are several virtual assistant services that will help you with administrative, marketing, and technical needs You can either select a virtual assistant company that will provide you with a highly trained individual, to streamline your processes, you can opt for a virtual assistant Team like Linkers League

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