6 Lead Generation Strategies that Enhance Your Business


With the advent of the internet and proliferation of social media, B2B marketing, B2B lead generation and even B2B selling has changed dramatically in the last 10-15 years In 2017 and beyond, digital marketing is becoming the backbone of B2B sales and marketing, and there are more opportunities than ever to take advantage of your online channels, even when it comes to magnifying your traditional marketing efforts.

Today, lead generation is more complicated than it’s ever been. There are dozens of moving parts in any good lead generation strategy, and it can be difficult for companies to determine which lead generation tools are right for them, as well as which trends they should be paying attention to.

The number of online marketing tactics to generate leads can be overwhelming. Do you buy an email list and blast a campaign? Do you set up a Google AdWords account and begin advertising for relevant search terms?
Lead generation can be confusing for marketers. Who do you trust? How do you do it? What can returns be expected? By answering these questions, you can start to identify the best B2B lead generation tactics for your business.

Once you know who to target, dive into tactics.

Six lead generation tools tactics can help you improve and enhance your Business:


1) Chatbots

Today, chatbots are being used for much more than just customer service, such as to improve leads. Chatbots have quickly become some of the top lead management tools

• gather high-quality information

• provide continual content delivery

• simplify marketing automation

• offer appointment booking

• minimize lead response time

• improve engagement

• cut costs

2) Relevant Content

Trust me: content is still king when it comes to lead generation While lead generation trends come and go, there is no substitute for great content. Today, it is fresh, customized, customer-centric content that creates leads increase accordingly.

 Content Marketing Tips to Help You Get Started:

A Perfect Vision of WHO you’re talking to: Knowing your audience is the key to presenting well, in person and online, so investing some time and energy in market research is always a good idea

Quality Content, Everywhere: All of the content that comes out of your business should be well-presented. Don’t skimp on writers and editors, and make sure you’re adding a consistent, branded touch to your content.

A KILLER Lead Magnet: Lead magnets are ethical bribes and common practice in modern digital marketing. This is a must-have for B2B’s, whether it means white papers, an online tool, a free trial, an eBook a checklist, a guide, or a webinar. The most important thing is to pour your heart and soul into it and make it something irresistibly.

3) B2B Email Marketing

Email is still a massive sales tool, especially if you’re automating your campaigns and working to build your list. Once you give your audience a reason to sign up, you can rest assured they know about your business, making it easy to drive them further down the sales funnel.

4) Webinars

Webinars are a huge B2B lead generation tool, dispense high-quality training and pitch an offer at the end. Keep the content of the webinar high-quality, unique and relevant, and you’ll quickly find that many of your webinar attendees opt-in for more of your company’s offers.

By simply sharing what you know with the right people, you can build a ton of authority– which makes you an instant influencer for the people who sign up for your class.

5) Social Media

Like digital content, social media is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to lead generation
Upload an email list directly into Facebook or Twitter, match the emails up with users and advertise to a custom audience the customer targeting of this tactic is reliable and effective.

You can also create a “lookalike audience” from a customer email list. Lookalike audiences enable marketers to reach people who are likely to be interested in your services because they’re similar to your current customers. Take a list of a few thousand customers and reach a few hundred thousand prospects who match your demographic data.

6) Influencer Marketing

In influencer marketing, a brand partner with a well-known social media influencer to sell a product or good online.

It works because people already trust social media influencers, and because they’re highly likely to purchase whatever their favorite influencers recommend. Just be sure that if you partner with a social media influencer, you’re taking the time to find one who’s relevant to your target audience and brand.

Bottom line:

Upcoming generation brands are going to have to be smarter about lead generation than they’ve ever been before. In a world where so few things are linear, brands have had to move quickly to keep up with digital trends and make allowances for customer preferences.

Luckily, it’s still possible to develop a functional lead generation strategy that rolls with the punches.

Linkers League team has smart ideas and digital moves, like using chatbots, stepping up your influencer marketing game, creating more content, investing in live-streaming video and re-focusing on social media can quickly become the year you earned your most leads yet.


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